The hunt is suitable for wheelchair users


Introducing our Interactive GPS Adventure!

Your Kingston-upon-Thames Team Ticket will Include:

  • An Interactive Smartphone Adventure
  • Up to two hours of themed and location challenges!
  • A real time scoreboard, so you can see how you and all the other team(s) are doing at any time!
  • The chance to win a prize for being the event winners on the day.
  • Why donít you and your dream team don your fancy dress costumes for any of our themes!
  • Upload pictures of your team to our Gallery.

PLEASE NOTE you need to purchase your ticket BEFORE going to the start location which is outside the Tourist Information Centre , Market House Market Place, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 1JS.

Try a sample hunt
on your mobile device

If you get errors relating to location then look at our GUIDE TO TURNING ON LOCATION to find out how to do this.

We do not currently have any hunts scheduled in Kingston-upon-Thames.

If you have several teams wishing to compete, please contact us and we will see if we can amend our schedules to accomodate your needs.


GPS hunts are prepared just for you and contain everything you need including an interactive map, clues and the answers, which are checked and marked as you submit them. You will have more than one team competing, just select the number of participants when you order. Your organiser can set the start and finish points and set the countdown clock to finish at their chosen time. You can check how the other teams are getting on at any time as you do the hunt

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Set your teams free! If you can't find the location you are looking for, or have a particular location in mind, simply use our Map Tool to create your very own Virtual Treasure Hunt from scratch! Simply drag and drop the clue locations to where you would like your teams to find them. As soon as you are happy with your route we will generate your hunt ready for you and your teams to go out and get treasure hunting on your smartphones.

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Printed Hunt

Printed hunt booklets that we send to you, in the post, containing everything you need including a map, directions, clues and the answers. If you order more than one copy you can have the answers on a separate sheet and we include some extra scavenger tasks too. This makes your hunt a bit more competitive as you can hunt in teams and not having the answers in the hunt booklet means there is less temptation to cheat!

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treasure hunts are available in the following themes:

Spy Missions

Someone has been leaking top secrets about a new weapon that could wipe out global communication systems.

Agent Blond is on the case. He's in a race against time as he tries to track down the enemy spy and discover the secret code which will disarm the weapon before it's sold on the black market.

Teams will need to figure out cryptic clues, break codes, answer vexing questions and perform surveillance. Our spy hunt combines logical thinking, strategic planning, general knowledge, team work and plenty of fun.

A martini, shaken not stirred, might be in order should you achieve your mission....

Pirate's Ahoy

Arr arr me hearties! You're in for a swashbuckling adventure.

Sir Thomas Whetstone has fallen from the heights of a naval officer to become a common pirate, wanted by the authorities. His single-minded focus in on finding the missing Pearls of Panama. Can you find them before he or any other pirates do?

In this pirate treasure hunt, teams will be reading maps, solving cryptic clues and showing off both their general and pirate knowledge. It'll test their strategic thinking, creativity, team work and flair for the dramatic. Most importantly, they'll have swashbuckling good time.

Will your team walk the plank or celebrate with a barrel of rum?


80s nostalgia.

Oh how we LOVE the 80s tight jeans and big BIG hair.

Jelly shoes and leg warmers REALLY? what DID we wear!!

Have some fun on our treasure hunt the music, toys, films, style.
Collecting points and remembering the 80s for a while!

In our fab 80s retro treasure hunt, teams will be locating and solving clues and completing fun tasks bringing all those memories of the 80s back to life with a bang!

Teams will need their wits about them to be the winning team!
Strategic planning, lateral thinking, team work and creativeness will pop the extra points with ease. (no need for space dust!) Most importantly, teams will have neon coloured, Wham Bam good time.

Witches and Wizards

Grab your Magic Wand and Broomstick!

Itís time to team up with your favourite Sorcerers from books, film and TV

Test your knowledge on spells and potions, see which of you has what it takes to be the next Gandalf, Merlin or Dumbledore!

Curse your friends, Hex your enemies, find all the clues, solve all the (tom) Riddles and save the day from the Dark Necromancer.

In this Witches and Wizards themed hunt you will be quizzed on all things magical from Books, Films and TV.

Not for Muggles

Science & Technology

The Mad Scientist has chosen you to become part of their next great experiment.
Working with your team of Lab Partners you need all your scientific knowledge to win the day
Using your high-tech GPS device you must solve as many scientific problems as you can to help the Mad Scientist make their new discovery.
Answer questions on biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.
Ready or not, Eureka here we come!


Spring is here and the Easter Bunny has hidden trivia treats for you all to find!

Use your map to hop along the treasure trail to uncover fun pieces of Easter trivia,

complete photo tasks and solve clues.

Each question will earn you points if you get it right! but no points if you get it wrong,

the team with the most points will be the winner and the losers will have egg on their face!

More about our treasure hunt...

Using iPhones, iPads or an Android Device as your map, navigate your way to the clue markers to reveal the next question or challenge. Once completed, submit the answer and earn your points! Time is against you, in order to beat the other teams you will have to think fast!

The aim, of our Kingston-upon-Thames GPS Adventure, is to score as many ípointsí as possible before the time runs out, having loads of fun on the way.

Have a look at our SAMPLE GPS HUNT to see what it looks like. Do try on each device you will be using to to check compatability.

If you get errors relating to location then look at our GUIDE TO TURNING ON LOCATION to find out how to do this.

If you have any problems then see our Frequently Asked Questions

In more detail:

We donít want to give too much away and spoil the fun, but hereís a bit more info...

Our GPS Interactive Adventure Game for Kingston-upon-Thames is the perfect activity for families and friends looking for something to do either in their home town or city or when visiting somewhere new. A great way to get everybody out in the fresh air for a few hours, exploring the streets and having fun with a bit of good old competitiveness thrown in too!


Each event will be based around one of our themes! Your team will be set a mixture of questions relating to the location itself and also trivia questions and photo challenges based on the theme of the hunt. Our event themes when available are Spy Mission, Pirates Ahoy, 80's Retro and Magic Spells.

What itís all about...

Setting off from the start line, you and your dream team are armed with an Interactive GPS map revealing the location of the virtual challenges that we have placed all over the city.

Navigating close to any of these clues will Ďactivateí them, allowing you to access the questions, tasks and activities hidden inside.

You will be awarded ’points’ for correctly completing the challenges set.

You can track your progress and scores on the real time score board alongside the rest of the teams taking part.

The aim of the game is to gain as many points as possible within the allocated time.

You will earn bonus points if you finish the hunt early and penalties will be incurred if you run out of time!

Strategy and team work are key in planning your route carefully to ensure you get as many points as possible. If you access a hint only half the points available will be awarded!

For that added bit of fun why not carry out your game in a fancy dress costume, based on the theme of your event?

What you get...

Web Links containing

Ticket Holder instructions, this is a short guide on how to set up your team(s) ready for the game to begin.

A team handout with instructions on how to play the game, what each of the icons mean and how to score points.

The Ticket Holder link from here you can see the start location, be able to send a link(s) to your mobile device(s) and access the game.

Our GPS Interactive Adventure Game has everything you need to have great fun exploring and is ideal for all those who love a bit of competitiveness, why not dress up on the day in a costume based on you event theme?

Each team participating in the event will need a compatible device - This can be an android device running operating system 4.0 or above and iPhone/iPad using iOS 4.3 or greater. The Ticker Holder link can be accessed and used to set up the event from a PC or lap top prior to the event and or the device running the event on.

You are given a starting point and your mission is to navigate your way to the gpshunt hotspots where the clues markers on the map will become highlighted and clickable. By answering the clue correctly or completing a task you will be awarded points. The team with the most points at the end of the event will be the winners.

Clues and tasks can be answered in any order and are worth a different number of points. Clues will be a mix of local history and interest, uncovering things you would ordinarily walk straight past, plus fun tasks and activities following the theme you are doing.

At any time you can see how you (and any competing teams) are getting on by looking at the scores page. On the map page you can see where any other teams are located.

We recommend that you switch off the predictive text function on your device whilst you complete the hunt and do make sure all devices are fully charged before you set off!!

And donít forget to have FUN!!

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